Saturday, June 22, 2024

Prayer Requests


Prayer is an important part of the Christian Faith. But it is equally important that we understand what prayer is.

If you have a request you may call us at 708-771-8456

Prayer is glorifying God: We begin prayer by acknowledging God's awesome greatness and beauty.

Prayer is Honoring Christ Jesus: We give glory to Jesus for all he has done for us in giving himself as a sacrifice for our sins. We ask of the Father our requests to be made known in the Name of Jesus Christ because all authority has been given to the Son (Jesus).

We make our requests known to God and pray that our requests may be in His will for our lives.
We end our prayer by thanking God and offering Him our trust that, whatever the outcome, He has done justly.

Prayer is NOT:
Getting what you want from God
Placing your needs over God's will

Approaching God with disrespect
Telling God what to do


We at First Church will pray for you. Please contact us and make your requests and needs known. The Pastor will read your requests and pray for you. You may request prayers for loved ones, yourself, or various situations in your life where you need support and guidance. We are happy to pray with and for you.