Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Our History

A Rich History
Chartered on July 18th, 1865 as the First German Reformed Church of Chicago, the early years were touchy. After moving twice, the Church flourished for almost 40 years on Hastings St. on the West Side of Chicago. Following its congregation, the Church moved to the current location in the 1920's, on what was then the outer edge of civilization. Here they built the beautiful sanctuary in 1927 and the Christian Education Building in 1955. The present name, First United Church of Christ of Forest Park was adopted in 1959 following the formation of the United Church of Christ.

Throughout its history, First Church has taken pride in welcoming all guests, and making new members feel quickly at home in their new family.

Today First Church continues to serve the Forest Park and surrounding communities in a variety of ways. We continue to hold to our Reformed heritage but desire to find new ways of expressing our unchanging faith. First Church is in the process of transition as it views its past in light of its present identity. We are happy to call our church simply a 'Christian' church and desire to be open to all who desire to find a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our focus is not so much on a denominational identity as it is in forming a Bible Centered and Christ Centered Christian Community.